Kindersley Minor Sports

Minor Ball



Division Name Phone Number Email
President Chad Miller 306-604-9675
Vice President Jasan Brandle 306-460-6726
Equipment Gavin McManus 306-460-6792
Umpire Coordinator Andy Ortman 306-604-9073
Skills & Development Chris Dunn 306-460-9634
Blast Ball Deanna Schafer 306-460-9921
Prep Ball Sheena Ternes 306-460-8834
Rally Cap Jason Smith 306-460-5726
Mite Girls Softball Tammy Anderson-Jackson 403-581-8512
Squirt Girls Softball Tammy Torrens 306-463-8029
Mosquito Baseball Stacey Herbert 306-463-9609
Pee Wee Girls Softball Lindsay Johnson 306-460-9398
Pee Wee Baseball Lori Feader 306-463-9313
Bantam Girls Softball Deanna Garrett 306-741-3917
Bantam Baseball Kim Tuffs 306-460-5613
Midget Girls Softball Ken Allen 306-460-6447
Midget Baseball Candice Deobald 306-460-9183
Non-Voting Positions:
Maintenance Coordinator Chad Miller 306-604-9675
Booth Coordinator Gina Cranston 306-430-1225 N/A
Project Coordinator Jeff Meyer 306-460-7333
Work Bee Coordinator Cathay Preston 306-460-9623 N/A


Softball Saskatchewan Certified Umpires

Name Phone # Level
Brian Deck 306-460-6364 Level 2
Caleb Bacon 306-500-9311 Level 1

Saskatchewam Baseball Certified Umpires

Name Phone # Level Notes
Brian Deck 306-460-6364 Level 3
David Burke 306-463-4171 Level 3
Chris Omness 306-463-7421 Level 4
Rick Miller 306-463-1119 Level 3
Landon Miller 403-589-3599 Level 1 (level 3 experience equivalent)
Kent Hanna 306-604-0235 Level 3
Vaughan Biberdorf 306-460-6518 Level 1 (level 3 experience equivalent)
Jordan Breitkreutz 306-460-6453 Level 1 Mosquito
Jacob Ortman 306-604-9070 Level 1 Mosquito
Eli Ortman 306-604-9070 Level 1 Mosquito
Benjermin Ortman 306-604-9073 Level 1 Mosquito


Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution

Last Updated: 2018 Kindersley Minor Sports, Annual General Meeting

For a PDF copy click on the link below:

Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution
Article 1–

This organization shall be called Kindersley Minor Ball.

Article 2–
Board of Directors

2.1 The Board of Directors shall consist of the following:
Executive members - President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer.
Directors – Blast Coordinator, Prep Coordinator, Rally Cap Coordinator, Mite Coordinator, Mosquito Coordinator, Squirt Coordinator, Pee Wee Boys Coordinator, Pee Wee Girls Coordinator, Bantam Boys Coordinator, Bantam Girls Coordinator, Midget Boys Coordinator, Midget Girls Coordinator, Umpires Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, and Skills Development Coordinator.

2.2 The Board of Directors duties are, but not limited to: attending meetings, help out with registration night, get coaches for league teams, assist in picking fair and equal teams, hold a parent meeting in your division at the beginning of the season, address parent and coach concerns, endeavor to find answers and enlist help of Minor Ball Board if you need to, assist the coaches in getting volunteers for assistant coaches, booth coordinator, tournament coordinator, uniform coordinator, umpire coordinator, and phoning person, get a list of umpires to the coaches, invite the coach/coordinator supper, let the coaches know when and where to pick up equipment and uniforms.

2.3 The President shall preside at meetings of Kindersley Minor Ball.

2.4 Every Director and Executive Member shall act honestly and in good faith to promote the objectives with the best interest of Kindersley Minor Ball.

2.5 The Board of Directors may appoint Executive Members to vacant positions and the Executive Members may appoint Directors to vacant positions with a majority vote.

2.6 The Board shall have the authority to remove an Executive Member or Director for conduct unbecoming of a member by two thirds majority vote. The board shall be solely entitled to determine what constitutes “conduct unbecoming of a member of the Executive or Directors”. This must be by a two thirds majority vote, with all Executive and Directors being polled.

Article 3 –
Aims & Objectives

3.1 To promote, govern and improve minor ball in Kindersley and surrounding area for the good of all players.

3.2 To foster a community spirit among members, supporters and teams and to increase the interest of the game ball in Kindersley and surrounding area.

Article 4 –
– Duties & Powers

The Board of Directors shall have the following duties & powers:

4.1 Govern and manage the affairs of the organization such that the objectives of the organization are carried out.

4.2 Decide on the cost of player fees, and the amount of volunteer hours required for the upcoming ball season.

4.3 Discipline its members for conduct unbecoming of a member.

4.4 Every Director and Executive Member shall act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interest of the organization.

4.5 Make choices regarding coaching in all divisions of baseball and softball, requiring each coach to be voted in by the Board of Directors and request criminal records check.

Article 5 –

5.1 Meetings will be called by the President.

5.2 No less than 7 combined Executive Members and Directors will constitute a quorum for a meeting.

5.3 All motions brought forth at a meeting shall require a majority vote for the motion to pass.

5.4 Each Executive Member and Director is entitled to one vote for each motion.

5.5 Each Executive Member and Director is expected to respect confidentiality during meetings.

Article 6 –

6.1 The membership of the association shall consist of playing and non-playing active Baseball Sask. and Softball Sask. members, their parents or legal guardians, and the Kindersley Minor Ball Board of Directors.

Article 7 –
Operating Rules

7.1 The Organization shall be governed by Baseball Sask. and Softball Sask. rules, and the Kindersley Minor Sports Constitution.

7.2 The fees will be assessed by the Minor Ball Board of Directors on an annual basis.

7.3 The Minor Ball Board will endeavor to enter into a contract with the Town of Kindersley regarding maintenance of the ball diamonds each year.

7.4 Players may only register with one team.

7.5 Only players registered with Kindersley Minor Ball may participate in evaluations, tryouts, practices and games.

7.6 Team rosters in all divisions must carry a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 players per team. The exception to this is Blast Ball which may have teams fewer than 9 players.

7.7 The final roster must be submitted to Kindersley Minor Sports Office or the President of Kindersley Minor Ball 5 business days before the registration deadline. Prior to this date, players may be added or deleted.

7.8 All players must play within the division specified for their year of birth. Exceptions to this may be made upon a receipt of a detailed written request accompanying paid registration. Requests accompanying late registrations will not be considered.

7.9 A late registration will be defined as being received in the Kindersley Minor Sports Office after the final advertised date of registration. A late registration will be further defined as an unpaid registration once the registration deadline has passed. Late registrations received by Kindersley Minor Ball will be clearly marked LATE on the registration form.

7.10 Late registration deadline will be 5:00pm on the 2nd Friday of April.

7.11 Any registration received after 5:00pm on the 2nd Friday of April, must be brought forth to the Kindersley Minor Ball Board of Directors and upon voting, receive majority approval to be eligible to register.

7.12 The Kindersley Minor Ball Board will make coaching selections for each season and notify selected coaches by April 20th.

7.13 Coaches must see that all players participate on an equitable basis.

7.14 Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players, team officials and fans.

7.15 Coaches must not use their position for personal gain in any way shape or form.

7.16 All teams must submit a list of sponsors to be solicited to Kindersley Minor Sports Office prior to solicitation to avoid duplication for solicitation.

7.17 All teams shall account for all money raised and submit a financial statement to the parents or guardians of the team by August 31 of that year. A copy of such statements must be produced to the Board of Directors upon request.

7.18 Any monies collected on behalf of a team may not be used for personal financial gain by parents, coaches, managers, etc.

7.19 Any requests for additional equipment must be made to the Minor Ball President or the Equipment Coordinator. Failure to do so will result in non-payment of the bill.

7.20 Coaches are responsible for the well-being and timely return of all equipment. If any equipment is lost or broken, the coach will report such to the President or Equipment Coordinator in a timely manner.

7.21 Any equipment purchased for a team with money received from a sponsor becomes the property of Kindersley Minor Sports. Sponsorship monies are donated to a team, not to a coach. Any equipment acquired in this fashion is to be accounted for at the end of the season.

Article 8 –
Formation of Provincial Teams

8.1 Provincial teams may be chosen by May 15 of the current season

8.2 Coaches wishing to coach a provincial team must have the required qualifications prior to application.

8.3 Anyone wishing to coach a provincial team must apply in writing to the Kindersley Minor Ball Board of Directors by leaving or mailing a letter of interest to the Kindersley Minor Sports Office or to a member of the Board of Directors.

8.4 Provincial team play may not interfere with league play.

8.5 Provincial teams must hold a minimum of two tryouts before making any cuts.

8.6 In the event players from another community are necessary to field a provincial team, they will be exempt from Kindersley Minor Ball fees, and the President of Kindersley Minor Ball must be notified to the intent to recruit out of town players.

8.7Kindersley Minor Ball players must not be discouraged from trying out or be cut in favor of out of town players.

8.8 Players from other communities may only be contacted after the first two tryouts for the provincial team are complete and not enough players have shown interest.

8.9 The coach of the provincial team shall be responsible to advertise tryouts on the local radio, local papers, and on each team’s calendar, and by phoning if necessary in an effort to have as many local players tryout as possible.

Article 9 –
Conflict Resolution

The proper process for conflict resolutions shall be:

9.1 Player --- Parent --- Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager --- Coordinator --- President --- Vice-President --- Minor Ball Board of Directors --- Zone Governor --- Baseball Sask. / Softball Sask.

9.2 If an altercation occurs between two or more parties as a result of minor ball activities, and is reported to Kindersley Minor Ball, the President shall notify the Board of Directors in a timely manner. The Board will meet to investigate and discuss the situation and come to a conclusion.

Article 10 –

10.1 Any coach, assistant coach, manager, team official, parent, player, Executive Member or Director violating the Kindersley Minor Sports Constitution, Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution, or refusing to abide by the decision of the Board of Directors shall be suspended.

10.2 Any coach, assistant coach, manager or team official may be suspended by the Kindersley Minor Ball Board for conducting themselves in a unsportsmanlike manner including but not limited to permitting betting or improper conduct, deliberately degrading the image of Kindersley Minor Ball, Kindersley Minor Sports and their representatives, using a player who is ineligible to play on that team, fighting with other coaches, managers, team officials or spectators.

10.3 A discipline committee will be appointed by the President and will be made up of 3 Executive Members or Directors. No person involved with the problem shall be allowed to sit on the discipline committee. In the event three members of Kindersley Minor Ball cannot be appointed, the President will endeavor to find three independent members of Kindersley Minor Sports to sit on the committee.

10.4 A discipline committee shall hear all matters of suspension or eligibility and shall decide the penalty (if any) will be imposed.

10.5 The discipline committee shall direct the President to notify all parties involved in writing of the decisions of the discipline committee.

Article 11 –
Affiliate Player Rules

11.1 For teams in need of affiliate players within Kindersley Minor Ball or for teams in other towns, the following rules must be followed:

Article 12 –
Conflict of Interest Policy

12.1 All members of the Board of Directors, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, team officials, and team representatives are expected to arrange their private affairs in a manner that will prevent conflicts of interest from arising or appearing to arise. They should not place themselves in a position where they are under obligation to any person who might benefit from special consideration. Volunteers should not have an interest that could conflict or appear to conflict in any manner with the discharge of their duties and responsibilities. In the event that a potential conflict may occur, the Executive Member or Director, coach, assistant coach, manager, team official will be expected to remove him/herself from the situation, duly notifying the President immediately so a third party may carry out their duties in that instance.

Article 13 –
Volunteer Hour and KMS Fundraising Requirements

13.1 Volunteer hours in Ball will be recognized as credit for the Volunteer Deposit Cheque submitted to Kindersley Minor Sports upon registration and therefore the cheque will only be cashed if the hours are not worked off, and may be worked off by any member of the registered players family or someone in lieu of a family member.

13.2 Chances to work off Volunteer hours will be offered in the following order: KMS Board of Directors, KMB Board of Directors, KMB Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Diamond Parent, Bathroom Parent, Maintenance Work Bee Worker, Booth Shift Worker, Provincial Tournament Worker.

13.3 Special consideration for volunteer hour credit can be requested through a KMB Board Member and brought forth to the Kindersley Minor Ball Board for discussion and a vote on whether the volunteer time will be recognized.

13.4 The following is a description of how volunteer hours and fundraising requirements are credited, based on the volunteer position fulfilled:

Article 14 –

14.1 Changes or amendments to the Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution may be requested by submitting written notice of the amendment to the President at least 7 days before a scheduled meeting of the Kindersley Minor Ball Board of Directors. A two thirds majority vote is required to adopt changes to the Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution. Individuals not able to attend a meeting where an amendment may be made, may vote contacting the President and submitting their vote in writing via email, fax or hand delivery.

14.2 The Kindersley Minor Ball Constitution was adopted at a Kindersley Minor Sports Annual General Meeting, and can only be amended or changed at a Kindersley Minor Sports Annual General Meeting.

14.3 Any amendments or changes must be voted on by the Kindersley Minor Ball Board of Directors, and then brought forth to a Kindersley Minor Sports Annual General Meeting for amendment.