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Please use the following link for tournament application: 2017-2018 Tournament Application

Please be advised of the Town of Kindersley's Zero Tolerance Policy Application

2017-2018 Tournaments

Please contact the Kindersley Minor Sports Office for more information.


The Midget Tournament in December and Atom Tournament in January are full!

Division Date Fees Registration Deadline Availability
Initiation February 3 - 4 2018 $400.00 January 8, 2018
Novice Tier II December 8 - 10, 2017 $700.00 November 20, 2017
Atom Tier II January 19 - 21, 2018 $800.00 November 11, 2017 FULL
PeeWee Tier II January 5 - 7, 2018 $1,000.00 November 27, 2017 FULL
Bantam Tier II November 17 - 19, 2017 $1,200.00 October 9, 2017
Bantam Girls March 9 - 11, 2018 $1,200.00 February 15th, 2018
Midget Tier II December 15 - 17, 2017 $1,200.00 October 23, 2017 FULL

Tournament Guide

Kindersley Minor Hockey

Tournament Guide

The purpose of the guide is to help Kindersley Minor Hockey Divisions organize and host quality minor hockey tournaments. The information and material provided should give you everything you need to achieve this objective.

The key to a successful tournament is to start preparing early. A parent volunteer from each team in the division is needed to act as a Tournament Coordinator and thus form a committee with the Division Coordinator. This position should be filled right at the beginning of the season. He/She will work closely with the Division Coordinator and will pull in other parent volunteers as needed. By the tournament date all parents will need to be involved to run a successful weekend.

All tournaments have been sanctioned by SHA and are listed on their website. The tournament poster is also listed on the KMS website. Calls from potential visiting teams will be forwarded to the Division Coordinators. The Division Coordinator will be responsible for setting the first tournament meeting to set the wheels of organization in motion.

Good luck with your planning. A well run tournament speaks volumes to other communities of our commitment to minor hockey, the kids of our community, and to our recreation facility. Be proud of the event that you are about to organize!

Tournament Format

Strive to organize your tournament around the standard eight (8) team format (A & B series). Please see (Tournament Rules & Regulations Eight Team Format÷. If you cannot obtain commitments for an eight team tournament arrangements can be made for a smaller tournament.

Registering Teams

Ideally, your tournament roster should be full 4 weeks prior to your tournament. You may have to phone prospective teams and invite them to your event. Any team that is committing to your tournament should send a non-refundable deposit cheque of 50% of the tournament fee along with their team roster/information prior to the tournament. A Tournament application form is provided. The balance of the tournament fee should be forwarded to KMS and deposited before the tournament weekend.

When the tournament is full and all teams have registered the following information should be provided:

Hotel information, WCEC location # of teams in the tournament and their first game time (or weekend schedule)

Tournament rules

Request each team brings two sets of sweaters

Advise if public skating is offered during the weekend, remind them of the concession booth

Ice Rental

The ice surface has been reserved and will be billed to Kindersley Minor Sports. If you recognize the need for less ice that must be communicated to Kim Vogel (463-2675) ASAP. During the tournament you must endeavor to stay as close as possible to the original schedule by ensuring prompt games.

Financial Items

The tournament fees that are collected by Kindersley Minor Sports from each visiting team should cover fixed costs such as ice and officials.

A tournament provides opportunity to generate revenue for each team in your division. 50/50 sales, program sales, and raffle table draws can provide income to cover such items as participant hotdog coupons**, tournament awards and prizes, and miscellaneous supplies. Start up funds for the tournament should be provided by each parent, an amount set by the Division and Tournament Coordinators. The final profits from the tournament can be divided in any manner agreeable by all teams in the division. The Division Coordinator should fill out a (Tournament Financial Report÷ and submit it at the following hockey board meeting.

Tournament fees have been designed to cover door admission for all visiting spectators so there is no need to set up an admission gate table.

**Hot dog coupons are available at the KMS office. Please advise the administrator in advance how many are needed as they need to be printed with an expiry date (last day of tournament).


These items are at the discretion of each Division Tournament Committee. Decorations must be removed at the end of the tournament.

Do not solicit tournament sponsorship from businesses that have bought advertising in the KMS program.

Please be clear at your raffle table when the 50/50 draws will be made (or if it is progressive) and draw all raffle items prior to the first team being eliminated during the weekend event.

Raffle tickets are available at Jamac Publishing. Draw drums will have to be supplied by the Coordinators.

The Kindersley Minor Sports programs can be signed out of the KMS office. Each program is to be sold for $2, the proceeds going toward the teams. You will have to make up a program insert with team rosters, game schedule, and tournament rules.


Again, these items are at the discretion of each Division Tournament Committee and are the financial responsibility of the hosting teams. If every participating player is to receive a participation award the Tournament Coordinator should give them out at the end of each game as teams are eliminated. Time permitting, each player's name should be announced.

MVP certificates/Hustler Awards can also be given out. Awards/trophies/banners for tournament champs can be given out.

Tug of war ropes can be provided if your committee decides to include that activity. Any prize awarded for that activity cannot be sponsored by a community business that advertised in the Kindersley Minor Sports program.

SHA Games Sheets & Pucks

Game sheets are available in the KMS office. It is advantageous to make up roster labels to stick on the game sheets ahead of time. All game sheets must be forwarded to SHA within 72 hours of completion of the tournament. Please advise the Equipment Coordinator ahead of time regarding the number of pucks that need to be available for the tournament.


All parents will need to be involved during the weekend. A schedule needs to be made up a week in advance and distributed to all parents. They are responsible to fill their shifts and switch if they need to. There should be a master list that reflects all changes.

Scheduling should include:


One person on the tournament committee can be designated to schedule officials for the tournament. These officials should be offered hot chocolate/coffee/fountain drink between periods. Booth coupons must be used. It is best to check during the 1st period to see what they would prefer. It is very important that pay sheets be made up for each game so officials are assured of correct pay. Out of town officials must be paid by the tournament committee, home town officials will be paid from the KMS Office at the end of the month.


The Division Coordinator, along with the Team Tournament Coordinators are in charge and must be prepared to settle any disputes.

Host Team Attendance

As the host team(s), the coach and players should plan to remain at the tournament until the end even if their team has been eliminated early. It is their tournament; they should support it and be there to help clean up at the end.

Media Coverage

You can invite Josh Lewis, Clarion sports reporter (463-4611), to a particular game of your tournament and do a short interview to have your event featured in the local paper. The event can also be advertised on the (Community Booster by contacting MIX 104 (463-2692).

Tournament Rules & Regulations
Eight Team Format

  1. The tournament will be based on the standard eight-team format. There will be an (A+ , (B+ , and (C+ series with each team playing a minimum of 3 games. No team shall play more than 3 games per day.
  2. + hour before each game the coach or manager must fill out or check the prepared game sheet. Only players whose names appear on the registration form may participate in the tournament. Any deviation from this must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Coordinator. A player must play in at least one of a team's first two games to be eligible to play in a final game.
  3. Other than specified below, all rules governing each game will be subject to SHA's official rulebook.
  4. Game Format:
    1. 5 minute warm-up
    2. Three 20 minute periods of stop time with a break (10-15 minutes) after each period for ice maintenance.
    3. MERCY RULE - if a team is up five (5) or more goals with ten (10) minutes remaining in the 3rd period the clock will go to straight time. If anytime during this last 10 minutes the goal difference goes back to five (5) goals or less, the clock will return to STOP time.
  5. Penalties during running time will consist of 2, 3, 4, and 10 minutes for minor, major and misconduct penalties. Any member of a team who receives a match penalty will be ejected from the tournament.
  6. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time in pool play the game will stand as a tie. In playoffs, if the teams are tied after regulation time the teams will play a 5 minute straight time sudden death overtime period. The team scoring the first goal wins. If the score is still tied after 5 minutes of overtime, the teams will play successively 2 minute straight time sudden death overtime periods with progressively fewer players. The first 2 minutes will consist of 4 players plus the goalie, the second 2 minutes - 3 players plus the goalie. If at this time the score is still tied, an additional 5 minute straight time sudden death period will be played with 3 players and no goalie until the game is decided. A goal will be considered a shot from within the attack zone (the blue line).
    At no time will any team be required to play with fewer than 3 skaters. If a team is assessed a penalty during overtime, while playing with 3 players, the non-penalized team will add 1 skater. The penalized player will serve the penalty, but his team will continue to play with 3 skaters. When the penalty is over, the penalized player will come out of the box and join the play until the next stoppage. At this time 3 on 3 play will resume. Penalties will carry over to the next period if necessary.
  7. Each team must be ready to go on the ice at least 10 minutes before the scheduled game.
  8. No team will play two consecutive games without a minimum of 30 minute rest period between games.
  9. The Tournament Coordinator or his delegate shall settle all disputes.
  10. All games will be refereed by SHA registered and crested officials.
  11. Each player must be fully equipped and wear a C.S.A. approved helmet with facemask and an approved neck guard.
  12. Kindersley Minor Sports will not be responsible for any injury occurring during tournament play.
  13. Visiting teams will be responsible for the storage and care of their equipment. If a locked dressing room is required please specify before the tournament weekend. The West Central Events Centre has a (key for key÷ policy. All dressing rooms are to be adult supervised while players are in the rooms.
  14. Each coach or manager is solely responsible for the supervision of his or her team while on the ice or in the arena. Teams will be charged for any damages to dressing rooms, etc.
  15. All Kindersley Minor Hockey and SHA tournament guidelines are to be followed.

Please remember to fill out the Hockey Tournament Financial Form and present it at the following hockey board meeting. Click on the link below for the form.

Tournament Financial Report